• Aston Martin is preparing the fastest car in the world

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    Aston Martin challenge the Bugatti Veyron. The British are going to take away from the Italian sports car official title of world’s fastest production car. Company Albion teams up with Red Bull Racing to build the «beast» who will head TOP-10: fastest cars in the world.

    While it is known only the code name for the car – AM-RB 001, according to Bloomberg. What will be its maximum speed and how much it will accelerate to hundreds in secret. But considering that the Bugatti Veyron accelerates to 430 kilometers per hour, the Aston Martin AM-RB 001 needs to get faster.

    Partners have already announced several variants of the model. However, it is known that only one of the modifications needs to compete for the title of fastest car on the planet, written on http://roadmapsroutefinder.com/.

    The Aston Martin partnership with Red Bull Racing started around the same period when the manufacturer of prestige British cars in February 2016, declared intention to unite with the Chinese LeEco to enter the market of electric cars. Also in the plans of the British was the construction of a new plant in Wales .

    Aston seeks to double sales and restore profitability by 2018.

    According to Adrian Newey, the chief designer of Red Bull Racing, his company is responsible for the performance and other technical aspects, at the time, as Aston Martin will have to demonstrate your experience of creating a beautiful and comfortable car.

    The production of AM-RB 001 will be manufactured at the factory of Aston Martin in the UK. On this plant vypuskala legendary model – the One-77. This is the fastest car in the entire history of the British brand. In the TOP-10: fastest cars in the world Aston Martin One-77 takes the seventh place.

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